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Welcome to OmiB Beauty! We are a professional permanent makeup studio specializing in eyebrow tattooing and microblading. Here at OmiB, we believe that beauty is about more than just the physical—it’s also about self-expression and feeling connected. That’s why I wanted to share with you all an introduction to one of my favorite forms of body art: henna tattoos.

Henna has been used for centuries as a form of ritualistic decoration and celebration across cultures around the world. It is made from crushed leaves and twigs of the henna plant, which creates natural dyes when mixed with water. Not only is it beautiful and meaningful but it’s also incredibly safe; Henna does not contain any chemicals or toxic ingredients like many other types of temporary body art do.

So if you’re looking for an alternative way to express yourself without the commitment (or pain!) associated with traditional permanent makeup, then look no further than henna tattoos! In this article, I’ll be discussing what they are, how they work, their cultural significance, and even some tips on where to go for your own henna experience here in our local area. So keep reading if you want to learn more about this ancient practice!


Welcome to OmiB Beauty! We are here to answer your questions about henna and explain what it is. Henna has been a part of many cultures for centuries, but its exact definition can be hard to pin down. In general terms, henna is an all-natural dye made from the leaves and stems of the Lawsonia inermis plant that is used to create body art designs on skin or hair. While the most common type of henna involves creating intricate patterns using a paste-like substance applied with a cone, there are also other forms such as liquid and powder form which can be mixed into different colors.

Henna is considered by some to have spiritual significance due to its long history in various religions and cultures. It’s commonly used at weddings, births, festivals, rites of passage ceremonies – even funerals! People use it not only because they enjoy the way it looks when applied directly onto their skin, but also because they feel connected to something larger than themselves through this ancient tradition. Our team here at OmiB Beauty loves being able to provide people with a unique form of self expression that brings them closer together; we understand how important these rituals are for our clients and strive to make sure everyone feels included in the experience.

Origin And History

Henna has been used as a form of body art and expression for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. Although its exact origin is unknown, archaeological evidence suggests that henna was first used by Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians around 5,000 BCE! From there, it spread throughout North Africa, Arabia, India, Southeast Asia, and eventually to Europe and the Americas – with each culture bringing their own unique traditions and symbolism. In some areas henna is seen as a symbol of protection from evil forces or bad luck; while in other parts of the world it may represent joyfulness during celebrations like weddings or births. No matter where you look though, one thing remains constant: henna holds special meaning for those who use it.

At OmiB Beauty we understand how important these ancient symbols are to our clients so we strive to provide them with an experience that honors this tradition. We take great pride in being able to offer something more than just a service – but rather an opportunity for people to connect with themselves on a deeper level through self-expression. Regardless of what they’re celebrating – whether big life events or small moments – everyone deserves the chance to feel included in something meaningful.


At OmiB Beauty, we offer a wide range of henna applications that are designed to meet the needs and desires of each individual. From mehndi designs for traditional Indian weddings and body art applications for festivals or special occasions, to temporary tattoos for those wanting something more subtle and even hair dye applications for those looking to add a fun splash of color – there’s something for everyone!

We understand how important it is to be able to express yourself in whatever way feels most natural; which is why our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way from start to finish. We take pride in being able to provide an experience that allows people to connect with themselves on a deeper level through self-expression. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating small moments or big life events – everyone deserves the chance to feel included in something meaningful.

Safety Considerations

At OmiB Beauty, we prioritize safety and take every precaution to ensure that our clients are comfortable throughout their henna application. We use only the highest-quality ingredients in our henna dyes and paste, so you can rest assured knowing that it is safe for your skin. Additionally, all of our products are allergy tested prior to use on a client.

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We also provide aftercare instructions to make sure you get the most out of your design. This includes keeping your henna design away from water as much as possible, avoiding direct sunlight exposure, and applying a generous layer of moisturizer over the area at least once per day in order to keep the dye vibrant for longer. You should also be aware of any allergic reactions or sensitivities that may occur when using henna dyes – if this happens, please let us know immediately so we can help find an alternative solution for your design needs.

Our team takes great care in creating unique designs tailored specifically to each client’s preferences; whether you’re looking for something classic or more modern and abstract, we strive to make sure everyone leaves feeling beautiful inside and out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Henna Last?

One of the most common questions asked in permanent makeup is ‘how long does henna last?’ At OmiB Beauty, we understand why this question is so important to our clients. After all, lasting beauty should be a priority! Fortunately, there are some guidelines that can help you figure out your henna lifespan.

Henna has been used for centuries as a form of body art and natural dye. It’s typically made from powdered leaves or twigs of the Lawsonia inermis plant, making it an excellent choice for those who want to go au naturel with their beauty treatments. But how long will it stay on? Typically speaking, henna duration depends on several factors like skin type and lifestyle activities. Generally speaking though, if applied correctly, henna can last anywhere between one and four weeks. This means that using quality products and professional services can really pay off when it comes to having beautiful yet lasting henna tattoos!

At OmiB Beauty we use only high-quality, specially formulated ingredients to create stunning designs that have maximum staying power. Our team of experienced technicians also ensure each application is done with precision and care – giving you peace of mind knowing your new look will remain vibrant and gorgeous for weeks afterwards! So don’t worry about short-term fading; come visit us at OmiB Beauty today and let us give you long-lasting henna tattoos that you can enjoy forever!

What Colors Does Henna Come In?

At OmiB Beauty, we know how important color selection is when it comes to henna. That’s why we offer a wide range of natural henna colors – from the lightest pastel pinks to the darkest shades of brown and black. Not only will you find that these dyes are safe and gentle on your skin, they are also incredibly beautiful!

Whether you’re getting a traditional henna tattoo or simply looking for an all-natural way to dye your hair, there is something here for everyone. Our henna paste has been carefully blended to ensure maximum vibrancy and lasting results. We have taken special care to make sure our products provide consistent results every time so that you can always be confident about the outcome.

No matter what look you’re going for, at OmiB Beauty we believe in providing top quality henna options with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. With our diverse range of colors, you’ll be able to create stunningly unique designs that perfectly reflect your personal style – without compromising on safety or quality.

How Do You Remove Henna?

Removing henna can be a tricky task. If you’ve ever had your hands decorated with beautiful intricate designs, chances are you have experienced the difficulty of removing it from your skin. Here at OmiB Beauty we understand that sometimes unwanted henna needs to be taken off! That is why we’ve created this guide on how to remove henna and what products work best for fading the design quickly and safely.

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To start, here’s a list of four henna removal methods:
1) Natural Fading- This method involves waiting for the henna stain to naturally fade over time as new layers of skin grow in its place.
2) Henna Removal Creams- Specialized creams such as our proprietary OmiB Remover works great in softening up the top layer of dried stains making them easier to wipe away.
3) Scrubbing- Using an exfoliating scrub or loofah sponge helps loosen up any tough parts of the remaining stain so it can easily wash off during bathing.
4) Lemon Juice+Sugar Mixture– Applying a mixture made up of equal parts lemon juice and sugar will help break down the bond between the henna pigment and your skin which will enable easy washing off when showering or using soap/water.

Finding an effective way to remove henna requires some experimentation depending on how long ago it was applied and other factors like skin type. For those looking for faster results, specialized products like OmiB Remover may give desired outcomes within minutes without harsh abrasives or acids that can damage skin cells. It also has added ingredients that make sure there won’t be any discoloration after use – something very important if you don’t want prematurely aged hands! So no matter what kind of result you’re looking for, whether it’s quick clean up or slow natural fading -OmiB Beauty provides solutions tailored specifically towards helping you achieve whatever look you desire while keeping your safety first in mind!

What Is The Best Henna Paste To Use?

Finding the best henna paste can be an overwhelming task, but at OmiB Beauty, we have the expertise to help you find exactly what you need. When it comes to henna paste brands, there are many options available that offer different ingredients and recipes for application.

The first step in choosing the right henna paste is understanding what’s in it. Different brands of henna paste may contain a variety of natural or artificial dyes and preservatives as well as essential oils and fragrances. Knowing which ingredients work best for your skin type will make sure you get optimal results with minimal irritation. Additionally, some brands may also add additional powders like aritha powder or shikakai powder to their recipe for extra conditioning benefits.

Once you know what goes into making the perfect henna paste, it’s time to consider how it should be applied. Before applying any product on your skin, always make sure to do a patch test beforehand! Some people prefer using cones while others opt for applicator bottles when adding intricate details onto their hands or feet; whatever method works best for you is great! With proper care and maintenance, high-quality henna pastes can last up to several weeks without fading away too quickly – so don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful artistry created by your own hands!

Is Henna Safe For Pregnant Women?

When it comes to henna and pregnant women, many wonder if the paste is safe for them. At OmiB Beauty we understand that this can be a tricky question with no one-size-fits-all answer – as every individual’s situation will differ. That said, there are some important considerations to be mindful of when navigating this topic.

Generally speaking, natural henna has been used safely by pregnant women over centuries around the world; however, caution should still be taken. It’s best to avoid chemical additives in the paste such as PPD (para-phenylenediamine) which is often found in black dyes sold on the market today. Natural henna products contain only plant matter and essential oils – so you can rest assured that these ingredients are non-toxic and perfectly suitable for expecting mothers.

At OmiB Beauty our team of professionals take great care in selecting premium quality henna paste made from pure herbs and plants for all clients wishing to experience traditional mehndi art. We believe that everyone deserves access to beautiful body art free from harsh chemicals or other potentially harmful substances – especially during pregnancy!


As a professional permanent makeup artist at OmiB Beauty, I can confidently say that henna is an incredible alternative to traditional tattoos. It’s safe and easy to use, lasts for weeks on end and comes in a wide variety of colors. Plus, it’s easily removable when you’re ready for something new! With its low cost, ease of application and long lasting effects, there’s no doubt why so many people are turning to henna for their next body art adventure.

At OmiB Beauty we understand the importance of safety with any type of beauty routine or product. That’s why we only recommend using natural henna paste on our clients – not any sort of chemical dye mixture. We also always advise pregnant women to avoid henna altogether just to be extra cautious.

In short, if you’re looking for some fun body art without the commitment then henna is definitely worth trying out! Just make sure you find a reliable source for your materials and follow all directions carefully when applying it yourself. Have fun experimenting with this ancient form of self-expression!



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