Henna permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses a semi-permanent dye made from a plant-based extract.

This type of makeup is often used to create a more dramatic look than traditional makeup, and its effects can also be used for a variety of medical purposes, such as to cover scars or birthmarks.



Henna Makeup Services

Henna permanent makeup services for eyebrows and lips are a great way to enhance your look and save time in your daily makeup routine. 

Our certified professional staff will be your one stop beauty shop when it comes to make you look and feel the very best.

The henna processe uses a semi-permanent dye to create a natural shape and color to make your eyebrows and lips look fuller and more defined. This procedure is perfect for those who want to achieve a natural look without the commitment of a tattoo.

The benefits of this type of makeup are that it is non-invasive, painless, and affordable. It also doesn’t require multiple sessions to achieve desired results. The downside is that it is not a permanent solution, so touch-ups may be necessary to maintain the desired shape and color.

Henna Makeup FAQs

What Are the Pros of Henna Makeup?

Henna makeup is a revolutionary and natural way to enhance the beauty of your face. It is an ancient art form used by many cultures to enhance their beauty and create a unique look. Henna makeup is a safe, non-toxic, and natural way to adorn your skin with beautiful and unique patterns and designs. It is also a great way to express yourself and your individuality.

Some of the pros of henna makeup include its natural look and feel. The paste is made from all-natural ingredients like henna and other plant extracts, so there is no risk of skin irritations or allergic reactions.

Henna makeup is a great way to maintain a natural look without having to use harsh chemicals. It is also waterproof, so it will last for an extended period of time. Furthermore, henna makeup is very affordable, making it accessible to people of all budgets. It has a pleasant scent and can be used to create a variety of looks, from subtle and natural to bold and vibrant.

What Is the Difference Between Henna and Powder Brows?

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that uses a semi-permanent dye made from the henna plant. The dye is applied to the eyebrow area and is meant to last 4-6 weeks. It is a great way to darken and define your brows without using harsh chemicals.

Powder brows are a form of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that uses a combination of pigments, waxes, and fillers. It is applied to the brow area and is meant to last anywhere from 6-18 months. It is a great way to fill in sparse areas, add definition and volume, and give your brows a full, bold look.

Who Is Henna Makeup For?

Henna brows makeup is for anyone looking to add definition, color, and shape to their eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent, natural dye that can last up to 6 weeks on the skin and can be used to fill in sparse brows, add definition, and cover gray hairs.

What Are Henna Brows?

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting. It is a dye made from a plant-based dye called henna, which is mixed with other natural ingredients to create a paste. The paste is then applied to the eyebrows to tint them a darker color. This can last up to 6 weeks and has become a popular alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting.

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