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Are you looking for a way to stand out and embrace your individuality? If so, henna eyebrows could be just what you’re looking for. As an experienced permanent makeup artist at OmiB Beauty, I know that the trend of henna brows is taking the beauty world by storm!

Henna eyebrows are natural dye made from plants that can give you perfectly shaped and colored brows. Not only does it provide beautiful, long-lasting results, but it also gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a unique way – all while keeping up with the latest trends. With henna brows, there’s no need to worry about spending hours every morning trying to shape and define your eyebrows; they look incredible without any effort on your part!

At OmiB Beauty, we specialize in creating custom looks that make everyone feel their best. Whether you’re looking for bold or subtle style statement – henna eyebrow treatments will help you create a look personalized just for you. We understand that feeling confident starts with embracing who you are – which is why our services are designed specifically to meet each individual’s needs. So don’t wait any longer – come experience the power of henna eyebrows today!


Eyebrow tinting is an exciting way to enhance your beauty! At OmiB Beauty, we offer a unique henna eyebrow service that can help you achieve the perfect brows.

Henna eyebrows are much more than just a simple eyebrow dye or eyebrow coloring; it’s about creating a look that complements your features and gives you confidence. Unlike traditional eyebrow tinting with products like mascara or pencils, henna provides a deeper color saturation that lasts longer and looks more natural. Plus, since the application process takes only 25-30 minutes, it’s easy to maintain and keep up with touch-ups every few weeks.

With our professional services at OmiB Beauty, you’ll be able to transform your look in no time – without any discomfort or pain! Our talented artists specialize in giving clients beautiful results without sacrificing their comfort or safety. With each appointment, you can rest assured knowing that we’re using only high quality products and techniques to give you the best possible outcome for your brow transformation journey. So why wait? Let us help you unleash the power of henna eyebrows today!


When it comes to eyebrow transformations, henna eyebrows offer a wide range of benefits that can’t be found with traditional tinting. Not only will you get an instant boost in color and fullness, but the lasting tint also helps promote growth for even fuller brows over time. Plus, the natural-looking results are perfect for those who want their brows to look as beautiful as possible without having to constantly reapply makeup throughout the day. And since henna is applied directly onto your skin, it provides a smooth texture that won’t flake or smudge like other products sometimes do.

At OmiB Beauty, we know how important it is to have confidence in your appearance – which is why our professional henna eyebrow services provide such great results! Our expert artists take care in creating a customized shape and color that best suits each individual client’s facial structure and complexion. With an emphasis on achieving a natural finish while still accentuating and defining your features, we strive to help you feel comfortable and confident with every visit. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling satisfied with your gorgeous new look that’ll last up to six weeks!

Application Process

At OmiB Beauty, we understand that eyebrow henna application can be a little intimidating for some. That’s why our team of professional artists are here to guide you through the entire process – from start to finish! We take care in creating a customized shape and color that best suits each individual client’s facial structure and complexion. Here is what you can expect when you book an appointment with us:

1) Brow Shaping: To begin, your artist will carefully assess your brows before applying any henna color. This involves measuring the length and thickness of your current eyebrows as well as analyzing their natural shape so they can determine which areas need more attention or definition.

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2) Tinting & Henna Color Application: After shaping your brows, it’s time to apply the henna dye – perfectly tailored to match your hair color and skin tone. Your artist will then use a small brush to fill in thinning patches while also giving extra definition where needed. The process should only take around 20 minutes depending on how much coverage you desire.

3) Touch-up & Finishing Touches: Finally, after all the tinting has been done, your artist will go over everything one last time to make sure there are no inconsistencies or missed spots. They may even add minor adjustments if needed before setting everything in place with a light spritz of hairspray or sealant – leaving you with beautiful results that’ll last up to six weeks!

Aftercare Tips

Now that you have beautiful henna eyebrows, it’s time to think about aftercare! Here are some tips to help your brows remain looking perfect for up to six weeks:

First and foremost, avoid getting any water near your brows in the first 24 hours following application. After this period is over, make sure you cleanse them daily with a gentle cleanser or micellar water – taking extra care not to rub too hard. This will keep bacteria away and ensure their color remains true. Additionally, you should use an oil-free moisturizer around the area if needed (avoiding direct contact with the skin) – helping them stay hydrated so they don’t fade prematurely. Finally, when removing makeup from your face be sure not to scrub over your brows as this may cause smudging.

In addition to these basic guidelines, we recommend booking touchup appointments every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your natural hair grows in order to maintain fullness and definition of your new look! With proper care and attention, you can enjoy flawless results for longer periods of time – giving you confidence wherever life takes you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Henna Eyebrow Treatment Cost?

When it comes to eyebrow treatments, one of the most frequently asked questions is “How much does it cost?”. Eyebrow henna treatment costs vary depending on factors such as location, brand and artist experience. The cost of a henna eyebrow treatment ranges from $30-$100 USD depending on where you go. Some spas may charge more for their services; however, this can depend significantly on the quality of ingredients used for the procedure.

At OmiB Beauty, we prioritize high-quality products that are safe and effective for our clients at an affordable price point. Our team of highly trained technicians use only natural and organic dyes sourced from trusted suppliers in order to ensure our customers receive exceptional results without compromise. When considering your options for an eyebrow henna treatment cost, keep in mind that value is not always equal to price – rather, it’s about finding a balance between both so you get great service and amazing results!

Is Henna Eyebrow Treatment Suitable For All Skin Types?

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face, so it’s critical to find a treatment that is suitable for your eyebrow skin type. A henna eyebrow type is one option available, but you might be wondering: is henna eyebrow treatment suitable for all skin types? The answer depends on several factors.

At OmiB Beauty, we understand how important it is to choose an eyebrow treatment suitable for your unique needs and situation. Henna brow treatments involve applying natural dyes derived from plants onto the eyebrows in order to create a desired look or shape. This semi-permanent makeup service can be especially helpful if you want to fill in sparse areas of hair growth or define your existing brows without having to commit to something more permanent like microblading. However, since everyone’s skin type is different, this method may not always be suitable – particularly for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

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Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to determine whether this particular approach is right for your henna eyebrow skin. We’ll help assess any potential risk factors such as pre-existing conditions and take into account any medical history prior to making our final recommendation about which treatment will best suit you and ensure optimum results. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of beauty services, OmiB Beauty has got you covered when it comes to finding just the right fit!

How Long Does Henna Eyebrow Treatment Last?

Have you ever wondered how long eyebrow henna treatment lasts? It is an important factor to consider when looking into a permanent makeup artist for your beauty needs. Professional, experienced and certified artists such as those here at OmiB Beauty know exactly what it takes to provide safe and effective treatments that last.

The duration of the eyebrow henna treatment depends on many factors including skin type, aftercare routine, lifestyle choices, and other individual variables. Generally speaking, if all these elements are taken care of properly, you can expect the results of your henna eyebrow treatment to last up to 2-3 weeks before needing touch ups or reapplication. Additionally, depending on the colour chosen during your appointment session with one of our talented professionals, the duration could be even longer!

At OmiB Beauty we believe in treating each client based on their unique beauty goals and preferences so that they may have confidence in their appearance while feeling secure in knowing that their look will remain intact for whatever length of time best suits them. We understand that no two people are alike – not even twins – so why should everyone’s color selection and duration requirements be identical? Our team works hard to ensure that every customer walks away satisfied with their experience!

Is The Henna Eyebrow Treatment Painful?

Have you ever wondered if eyebrow tattoos are painful? Well, the same can be asked about henna eyebrows. Although some people may experience a bit of discomfort or stinging during their treatment, it is generally considered to be much less painful than other types of permanent makeup procedures.

At OmiB Beauty, we understand that many clients have reservations when it comes to any kind of pain associated with beauty treatments and that’s why we strive to make our services as comfortable as possible. Our team has been specially trained in henna eyebrow techniques and they know exactly where to apply the dye to minimize any potential for pain or discomfort. We also use natural ingredients so that your skin won’t be irritated while still achieving beautiful results!

We’re proud to offer this unique service at OmiB Beauty – one that not only gives you gorgeous brows but does so without causing too much distress. So come on down and try out our henna eyebrow treatment today! You’ll look amazing afterwords, all without having experienced anything more than minor stinging sensations throughout the session.

Are There Any Special Techniques Used To Apply Henna Eyebrows?

Applying makeup can be an intimidating task, especially when it comes to eyebrows. There are a variety of eyebrow products available on the market and they each have their own unique application techniques that must be mastered in order to get the desired look. One particular technique is henna eyebrow application which requires some special methods for achieving beautiful brows.

Henna eyebrow application involves using natural plant-based dye to create semi-permanent designs on your eyebrows. It is important to understand how to correctly apply henna onto the brow area as mistakes can lead to uneven or patchy looking results. The key steps involve prepping the skin by exfoliating and cleaning with rubbing alcohol, followed by applying a thin layer of henna directly onto the brow area. Depending on the type of formula used, you may need to leave it on for several minutes before wiping away any excess product with a damp cloth or cotton swab. Additionally, careful consideration should also be taken when selecting colors as well as finding the right shape and design that will best suit your face shape and facial features.

TIP: To ensure maximum impact from your henna eyebrow treatment, make sure you use high quality henna dyes and take extra time during preparation, so that all unwanted hairs are removed beforehand!


In conclusion, henna eyebrow treatment is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyebrows. It can be used on all skin types and last for up to six weeks depending on how well you take care of it. The cost varies from place to place but generally speaking it’s quite affordable. As an experienced permanent makeup artist at OmiB Beauty, I wouldn’t say that having henna done is painful, though some people may experience slight discomfort during the process. Lastly, there are special techniques that need to be applied when doing henna eyebrows in order to achieve perfect results every time. All in all, if you’re looking for a quick yet long lasting solution for fuller-looking brows without spending too much money or effort then this could be just the right option for you!



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